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Candle - Small Batch

$ 15.00
Clean burning, single cotton wick soy wax candle.
Hand-poured in an amber glass jar. 

Scent Profiles:
Paloma: Citrus and sea salt
Northern Lights: Citrus, Sage, and Oak moss 

Trim wick if needed. Do not leave burning candle unattended. For optimal burning, do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. Allow glass jar to cool completely before handling.

American Grown Soy Wax, Therapuetic Grade Essential Oils, Fragrance

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1926 All Purpose Fragrance

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Customer Reviews

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Quick update

After you let the candle melt, it’ll prevent the wick from burning so fast. If you are using the candle for the first time, use a lighter to melt the area around it first.

Wick is definitely the problem

The candle itself comes in a pretty hefty jar and the alwin smell is really good. However the wick itself burns way toooo fast. I had it buring for about 3 minutes and the wick already went down about half an inch. Because of this the wax itself isn’t really melting: its evaporting. This leaves a tiny hole and the wick just continues to burn through it. Even when I blow it out the wick itself continues to have that red little burn that causes a hell of a lot of smoke to come out.


I really like the sent of the 1926 candle. It does give off the feeling of old times. Like an old fancy library. It is strong enough to fill a room.
As expected, the packaging is gorgeous and premium and the wax burns perfectly; it gets liquid very fast and even.
The wick though is definitely a problem. It burns faster than the wax and you have to pour some of it so that the wick doesn't get drowned. This is the only thing that disappoints but it's quite significant...


I ordered the 1926 candle because I liked the notes (and the other 2 sold out 😁) and like Joshue wrote there's almost no projection to it.
I don't know if the wick was too short or the wax was really resilient but the flame died out the first few times and I had to pour the wax out to get a steady burn. Funny enough when the flame did die out that's when the scent really shined. It smells woody and fresh. Hopefully the formulation gets tweaked. Packaging and presentation are classy as usual

Love it

I'm so happy with the Paloma candle. The scent is great (i burn it in my office and no complaints)! It seems to burn slower than a lot of other candles i've had, so it's going to last a long time. I can't wait to try a different scent next time!