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Loom Shampoo & Conditioner Bundle

$ 49.50 $ 57.00

Loom Shampoo & Loom Conditioner were formulated to work together to cleanse and hydrate your hair from roots to ends. In this bundle, you’ll receive one of each product. Choose your size! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Keeps your hair happy and healthy!

Ryan Kasley
At last, I've found the one

I cannot express how happy I am with this product (shampoo + conditioner). I have been searching for years for the right cleanser/conditioner for my difficult hair and sensitive scalp. I have tried every brand imaginable, from "luxury" salon brands to "new age" direct to consumer brands, and everything in between. And nothing works as well for me as Loom. I have thick, slightly coarse, high density hair that is wavy and a little curly, and two strong cowlicks. It's never oily and tends to be dry and need moisture. On top of that my scalp is extremely sensitive. The litmus test for me is what my hair looks like if I let it air dry after washing with no other products. Other brands would leave me a frizzy poofy mess, that would dry into something resembling steel wool. Loom is the complete opposite. My hair dries with no frizz, is soft to the touch, feels light, and has a natural shine. I was genuinely shocked the first time I used it given how poorly other products performed in the past. Depending on what styling products I use (I now use Shear Revival for styling) I don't need to wash my hair every day, even if I workout/sweat. Previously, if I went more a day without washing my scalp would get itchy and soon my scalp would be screaming, then breakout and flake due to irritation. All that is gone now. I originally purchased the sample size and just placed an order for the xtra large refill. Yes, the minimal lather might take some getting used to and you might need to use more than the directions say but it's all worth it to me. Thank you, Shear Revival.

Finally found something that works for me

Hair products are always so subjective, but after trying an assortment of products and researching my own needs, this is the best shampoo/conditioner combo I've used. I've got very thick, wavy, coarse, high-porosity hair that dries VERY quickly and always seems to be either (a) too frizzy right after a shower or (b) too oily after avoiding shampoo to reduce said frizz. This shampoo-conditioner combination, followed up by a leave-in conditioner and/or some basic hair oil has completely changed the way my hair rests and feels. You only need a small amount and can feel that the hair is clean without completely stripping the natural oils that keep thick, frizzy hair under control. Also the conditioner smells a bit like fresh eucalyptus. Would highly recommend anyone with the hair type like mine give it a try.


Loom is a good shampoo ,and great conditioner. 4/5 stars because the shampoo is a little runny where it could be slightly more viscous.

James Marquis
my new go-to

I have been bouncing around shampoo/conditioner and even the dreaded 2in1 from a lot of different brands and haven't landed on one that felt right. Loom delivers all I am looking for and then some. The scent is great. First use and I was in love. You truly don't need much and it really does wonders. Pair it with SR's hair styling products and you've got a match. This shampoo cleans out any remaining product with ease and sets you up for whatever you want to do be it styled or just as it is.