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Meet The Team

Shear Revival is a small army comprised of...

Zachary West (he/him)


Being a Cosmotologist/Barber for almost 20 years plays a huge part in Zach's back story and why you're here reading this today. Zach took his time behind the chair and looked to create healthy and eco-conscious products for people who felt they were missing something in their daily self care routines. Still working behind the chair today brings an aspect to Shear that not a lot of brands out there can say. We're literally working one on one with our customers to make sure they're getting what they want. Outside of work Zach's passionate about all things music, photography, and all guitar-centric gear (mostly effects pedals). He loves writing, recording, and playing live music with his bands, Zachary West & The Good Grief and Athletics. 

Jess Henning  (she/her)
Business Operations/Analytics Manager

So now that we've all heard the story of Zach starting this out of a kitchen, you get to meet the person whose utensils he destroyed in the process. Zach & Jess have been married for 7 years. She's technically been with Shear since day one whether she wanted to or not. Now running the show full time after leaving a job in higher ed, Jess is the backbone of this business and the daily driving force we're so thankful for. There isn't a person on this earth that's more in love with numbers & data than this queen right here. She adores her dog Billy, is an absolute marvel in the kitchen being super partial to baked goods, but one of her biggest passions lies in her green thumb. Jess grew up in her grandparents garden center here in New Jersey and thrives whether she's gardening or making beautiful floral arrangements for friends & loved ones.


Ashley Pellegrino (she/her)

The Pomade Princess / Production Manager

Ashley has been part of the Shear Revival team since we were working out of a spare bedroom in our Ocean Grove apartment in 2015. She used to come by and label after her other job and spoil our cats by sharing her spicy tuna rolls with them. She took the ultimate risk by believing in us and hopped in the backseat for this wild ride. Nowadays, she’s helping steer the wheel. No one makes a sexier batch of Northern Lights than she does. One of the main reasons Zach and Jess have a halfway decent work/life balance is because Ashley has and can do it all. She is always willing to step up to the plate when it’s needed most. Humans and animals adore her for her fun-going, sweet nature. If a dog is within a 50 ft radius, she knows, and they do, too. It’s no surprise that a few years after working with us, she started her own brand under SR for pet care products called Rugged Paw. She’s as loyal as they come and we’re thankful for her every single day.


Michael Lawrence (he/him/they/them)

Caffeine King / Shipping Coordinator  

Mike has been with us for almost two years but it feels like ten - in the absolute best way. He picked up on all things customer service/shipping/fulfillment related in no time. His attention to detail and antics make him an absolute joy to work alongside and he can get along with anyone. If the day is starting to drag, nobody can make you an “ESSSSSSPRESSSSSSSSSSOOOO” and rip a BANGER playlist to lift your spirits and get you moving better than he can. It doesn't take much to put a smile on his face but nothing does that more than when he gets a photo of his son Teddy throughout the day or gushes while telling a story about his family. Nine years ago, we split a table with Starland Ballroom at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. We were fortunate enough to work alongside Mike & our great friend Nina for the day. If you told us back then that we’d one day be lucky enough to work alongside Mike everyday, we would’ve never believed it. We’re so glad life works in mysterious ways because we’d be lost without this pro wrestling loving-yeast donut hunting-disney bootleg obsessed human.


Brian Porbansky (he/him)

Yes, Chef / Warehouse Assistant

Brian is a kind and calming presence at Shear. He’s always welcoming and has lived “so many lives”. His time at Shear has been full of stories from touring and living across the US but his real passion for baking is what warms everyone’s hearts. Within this last year Brian started doing pop ups with his own company, NE Pekarna (@ne.pekarna) and we’re so excited to see that endeavor flourish. We know his talent and knowledge of his Eastern European recipes will take him far in life and we’ll always be here cheering him along from the sidelines! 


Howard Cohen (he/him)

Bubble Boy / Warehouse Assistant

Howie was technically the first Shear Revival “employee” ever (we didn’t pay him) and currently owns more SR hats than anyone on earth. He’s the best friend you’ve always wanted but never deserved. He’s always there when we need him or when we feel like we’re in over our heads, sometimes, without us even asking. He just knows, we’re not sure how. He’s one of the hardest working people we know and we’re pretty sure if we let him, he’d be the first employee to pull an all-nighter packing pomades in bubble pouches. When he’s not out on the road with his band latewaves (@latewaves) he can be found trying to earn the affection of his wife Mady’s real loves, their dogs, Archie & Pedro. Someday, when he makes it big, he’ll try and leave us but we won’t let him.

Scott Porbansky (he/him)

Officer of Hydration / Warehouse Assistant

Why have one Porbansky when you can have two? Scott’s the newest member of the Shear Revival team and Brian’s brother! He had no idea what he was in store for when he joined the team, but we think he quickly learned to love all the quirks and chaos. Scott is never late and always present. His love of learning keeps us on our toes. He’s the first to ask how things work or how they’re made and we absolutely love that about him. The hiker in him really shows when he reminds the team to stay hydrated. I guess that’s what happens when you hike the Appalachian Trail from start to finish. When he’s not at Shear you can catch him pouring beers at Bradley Brew Project. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders! They’re the real heroes.