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Bio Flora Comb

$ 8.00
Our Bio-flora Combs are made in our home state, New Jersey!  Bio-flora is a sustainable and natural material derived from the wood pulp of softwood trees and the linters of cotton plants; both harvested specifically for this purpose.
We offer a choice between two different styles of combs:
Styling Handle Comb for slicker hair styles and/or short beards.
Volumizing/Detangling Comb for looser, voluminous hair styles and/or long beards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Del Col
Bought many brushes & combs

The Shear revival styling comb is my favorite comb and I own a ton of combs and brushes. The tooth to separation ratio is where I think it sets itself apart as a product, it just delivers great results. The texture comb is also great. Highly recommend both.

William Norman
Fantastic comb

This comb is where it is at. period. growing out long hair, not damaging to the hair and doesn't hurt at all - feels really good and help keep these locks tamed.

Trevor B.
Quality comb

The comb itself is really good quality. I love the color and the vibe of the comb. It’s got a powerful, deep glow. It does just what it’s supposed to do, and well. My only (minor) issue is that my comb came completely blank- there was no golden insignia. It’s a small bummer. The performance is what really matters anyway.

Great comb

This a solid built, quality comb. I purchased the styling handle comb and it makes a great companion next to my trusty Kent comb. This comb helps me get the volume I’m looking for with smooth delivery and no scalp irritation. I expect this comb to last a lifetime, if not longer.

Great Combs!

Got both the texture comb and the styling comb and both are amazing! They have no static and glide through my hair very well. The texture comb does really well at giving course texture and removing knots while the styling comb is good for distributing product and also cleaner styles. They have a slight flex but still have enough rigidity to comb well. All in all a very good buy.