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A Little Adventure

$ 56.00 $ 70.00

Want to try them all? Here’s your chance! This bundle includes one 1oz jar of all of our stylers:

- American Gardens Clay Pomade

- Crystal Lake Styling Pomade

- Easy Tiger Traditional Pomade

- Gray Ghost Cream Pomade

- Loyal Styling Balm

- Northern Lights Matte Paste

- Younger Days Gel Pomade


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great way to figure out what you like

I was in the military for over 20 years and just started growing my hair back out, so I have no idea what makes for a good or bad product (or even what they do, how to use them, etc.). I've read a ton of reviews on Shear Revival and 99.9% of them were stellar, so I figured I'd give them a shot. This sampler is the perfect way for me to figure out what works best. So far Easy Tiger is the leader in the clubhouse, but we'll see if/how that changes. Thanks for the awesome product!

James Marquis
a lot of adventure awaits!

I'm currently in-between products and product types so I figured the best way to see what SR had to offer was this sample pack. So far, my problem is that I like them all too much so I haven't moved on to the next jar to sample. If you're on the fence or curious about SR's offering then this is the package for you. There is more than enough product in here for a sampler size and any product I don't like I'll pass along to friends.

Great value, appreciate the ability to sample them all

I like being able to sample different products that I've heard about online, but not having to commit to the full jar—it happens too often that I'll hear great things about a product that ends up not working with my hair type.

Northern Lights is the product I hear the most about online, and I have to say that it lives up to the hype. I was expecting a little more hold, but the fact that I can still run my hand through my hair and reshape it helps out here. I like Crystal Lake as a slightly milder alternative, too.

The American Gardens clay has a hold and texture somewhere in between the Hanz de Fuko Quicksand and Claymation products, both of which I've used and liked. I have thick hair and this did a good job of taming it without looking like I have gel in my hair.

The Loyal styling balm doesn't seem to do anything, but it smells nice. The shine that the Younger Days gel pomade leaves isn't for me, but that's why I got the sampler pack!

Overall, pretty good value (listed at $56 down from $70, there was a holiday sale taking it further down to $46, but $10 shipping (?!) and taxes brought it back up to $60). I'll take this over having barely-used jars, though.